Iron Hands Legion Tactical Squad

Iron Hands Legion Tactical Squad

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Tactical squads are the mainstay of the Space Marine Legions and the force by which the Great Crusade reconquered much of the galaxy. Armed and armoured for battle in the harshest of environments the Legion Tactical squad is a highly flexible infantry unit, able to attack or defend at will, assault heavily fortified positions and take and hold strategic objectives. Tactical squads were employed by all eighteen of the Space Marine Legions, and usually as full squads of twenty Marines.

The hammer that shattered countless foes, the Iron Hands were among the most powerful of the Legiones Astartes during the Great Crusade. Masters of armoured and technological warfare, the Iron Hands Legion wield war machines with the skill a master swordsman would his blade. Dealt a gruelling blow at the outset of the Horus Heresy, they are unwavering in their desire to destroy the Traitors and all who stand with them.

This multi-part resin and plastic set contains the components necessary to assemble a twenty-man Legion Tactical Squad in Mark IV power armour for the Iron Hands Legion, including twenty resin Iron Hands Legion MkIV Shoulder Pads, ten Iron Hands Legion Heads and five Iron Hands Legion torsos to mix throughout the squad. The kit also includes an impressive selection of optional weapons and wargear such as combat blades, ammo packs, holstered bolt pistols, frag and krak grenades and several weapon options for the squad sergeant. Supplied with twenty 32mm round bases. 

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