Elysian Tauros Venator

Elysian Tauros Venator

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The Tauros Rapid Assault Vehicle is a common sight on many frontier worlds within the Imperium, where it is used as a utility vehicle. Its rugged drive axles are individually powered by high-yield galvanic motors, which allows the vehicle to maintain speed even when some of its wheels may be damaged or destroyed.

The Elysian regiments often deploy Tauros Venators in support of their infantry, where the punch of a Lascannon or Multi Laser is often a welcome asset against heavy armour. They are also used in long-range scouting missions, as well as behind enemy lines where they are capable of operating for extended periods without resupply thanks to their galvanic systems.

Full resin kit including Multi-Laser or Lascannon turret weapons and two optional Hunter-Killer missiles.

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Rules for using this unit in games of Warhammer 40,000 can be found in:

Imperial Armour Index Astra Militarum 2017

Imperial Armour - Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum



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