Bard the Bowman's Family: Bain, Sigrid and Tilda

Bard the Bowman's Family: Bain, Sigrid and Tilda

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Like his father, Bain is a descendant of the noble lords of Dale. Brave and loyal, Bain will stop at nothing to protect his family, even going as far as to join his father in facing Smaug™ atop the burning roofs of Lake-town. Although young and inexperienced, Bain proves to be a capable fighter, taking up arms to protect his sisters from the battle raging through the streets of Dale.

Sigrid and Tilda are the daughters of Bard. Young and unaccustomed to matters of warfare, they have no place on a battlefield. As The Battle of the Five Armies rages on, both are placed in great peril. Their presence spurring on both Bard and Bain to acts of great heroism and courage in order to protect the two young girls from harm.

This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to build Bain, Sigrid and Tilda, three models who can be fielded alongside Bard the Bowman in order to add courage and motivate him to fight ever harder. Bain comes armed with a sword and armour, while Sigrid and Tilda are unarmed; the latter two models, if slain, cause Bard to automatically pass all Courage tests and do everything in his power to kill the model who slew them.

The three models come as 10 components, and are supplied with 3 25mm round bases. Rules can be found in The Hobbit: Motion Picture Trilogy™: There And Back Again.

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