Placing Your Order

You can place your order in several easy ways.

Via the Forge World Web Store

(Where you are now!)

At the physical Forge World retail store located at Warhammer World, Nottingham.

For full address and contact details for Warhammer World, click here.

Via our English language sales telephone line.

For contact details click here.

I'm sending a gift; do you include invoices or prices in the order?

During checkout you have the option to mark your order as a gift and include a personal message. All orders marked as gifts will include a special gift invoice that contains your personal message and the order's contents with no price information.

Why are some items restricted?

When shopping with us you may notice that we have placed age and quantity restrictions on some of our products such as Forge World Solution. This is to safeguard our younger customers and comply with various laws and regulations around the world.

When you add any of these items to your shopping cart you will be alerted by a message informing you that the product is age and/or quantity restricted.

For age restricted items by adding the product to your basket and completing your purchase, you confirm that you are of the required age to purchase this product, (i.e. over the age of 16 in some territories, 18 in others).

Some of our products are restricted by the amount you can buy at any one time, so you can only buy 2 of these products in any single order. You also need to buy these items with other non restricted products, such as our great miniatures or pots of paint.

We take our responsibilities as a global retailer very seriously.