Underworld Denizens Gamers Collection

Underworld Denizens Gamers Collection

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Fancy putting together an Underworld Denizens Blood Bowl team, with the extra goodies and items that’ll elevate them into something special? Here’s a bundle for you:

- The Skavenblight Scramblers, a multi-part plastic kit containing 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Gutter Runners and 6 Linemen and a roster sheet, along with with a transfer sheet, turn markers, extra balls and 12 32mm Blood Bowl bases;
- The Scarcrag Snivellers team – 12 multi-part Goblins, featuring 6 pairs of unique bodies and 7 pairs of unique heads, meaning no two Goblin teams need look alike! There are also 6 Goblin team balls, featuring the kind of dirty tricks the Scarcrag Snivellers frown upon – 2 deflated, 2 with Goblins stuck in them and 2 stuffed with dynamite – 2 turn counters and 2 double-sided team tokens.
- A Blood Bowl Troll – this excellent multi-part plastic kit contains the parts you need to assemble a rather large Troll (look at him – he’s wearing a human’s helmet as a knee pad, for Nuffle’s sake), winding up to fling a Goblin into the end zone;
- The Underworld Denizens Coins & Tokens – a set of 2 resin turn markers and 2 resin coins, depicting the warpstone infused goodness the Denizens are notorious for.

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