Warpgnaw Verminlord

Warpgnaw Verminlord

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Warpgnaw Verminlords are the pathfinders and half-insane guides of the great horde of verminkind, dwelling within the folds of reality as wanderers of the vast network of gnawholes and dimensional passages used by the Skaven to infest all of creation, never wholly within any realm at one time. When the servants of the Horned Rat swarm, it is often these abominations that take the lead, opening paths to realms ripe for plunder and striding forth to rend the enemies of the Horned Rat alongside his lesser children.

An imposing example of Skaven fury, the Warpgnaw Verminlord towers rather than hiding in the shadows. Providing the Skaven collector – or the collector of the wider Warhammer Age of Sigmar range – with a stunning centrepiece, this single-pose miniature oozes character from its massive horns, sneering maw, and sinewy body covered in carved Skaven runes. Even the tall, spindly gnaw-glaive it carries provides ample opportunities for the painter!

This multi-part resin model comes as 16 components, and is supplied with a 105mmx50mm oval base. Rules for fielding the Warpgnaw Verminlord in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar are available as a .pdf download.

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For all the rules you need to field this miniature in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, download the free Warscroll at the link below.

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