The Horus Heresy Book Three - Extermination

The Horus Heresy Book Three - Extermination

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Following the release of the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, if you already play games set during the Horus Heresy, you can continue to use the previous edition of the Warhammer 40,000 rules for the time being. In the not so far future, we will be releasing a Horus Heresy rulebook which will continue to be compatible with all of the rules in this book. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for further updates!

The third and final part of the Isstvan trilogy. This book details the aftermath of the Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre, and two other major battles fought between the Loyalist and Traitor Legions as the Horus Heresy swept out from the Isstvan system and into the wider Imperium of Mankind: the Battle of Phall and the Invasion of Paramar. Also featured are the background and game rules for the four Legions covered in this book: the Alpha Legion, Imperial Fists, Raven Guard and Iron Warriors, and a Mechanicum army list, plus new campaigns and vehicles.

This lavishly illustrated, full colour, 285 page hard cover book is leather bound with metal corner clasps stamped with the Imperial Aquila, and features a red ribbon bookmark and foil-edged pages as well as an embossed cover and spine.

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