Legion MKIII Breacher Siege Squad

Legion MKIII Breacher Siege Squad

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Combat that takes place during boarding actions amid the cold void, or into a breached fortification, can prove lethal beyond even the endurance of the Legiones Astartes. For this reason, specialised formations and wargear have been continually developed to better survive these ‘Zones Mortalis’ since the earliest days of the Great Crusade.

The Breacher Siege Squad is one such unit. Clad in augmented power armour based on the Iron pattern and bearing great ablative shields, these squads act as a vanguard in such lethal missions, and are often additionally equipped with powerful breaching charges and lascutters or melta weapons to destroy strongpoints and forge a path for the force’s main strength to follow.

The Legion Breacher Siege Squad contains five multi-part resin models in modified MkIII ‘Iron’ armour, equipped with detailed boarding shields. The squad contains five Phobos-patter bolters, as well as an optional lascutter, breaching charge and graviton gun.

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